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ABC Clean Way - Carpet Cleaning in the Boise and Nampa Areas!

Carpet Cleaning Boise NampaABC Clean way is a professional carpet cleaning company serving Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Caldwell, Eagle ID and surrounding areas.  At ABC Clean Way, we've been cleaning carpets and upholstery for over two decades becoming the go-to carpet cleaning company for countless homes in the Boise and Nampa areas. Our professional cleansers are highly skilled using advanced technology and equipment to keep your home clean and healthy. Our cleaning technicians make it a priority to focus on the hard to get areas that are notorious for harboring dust and bacteria.

Why Choose for your Carpet Cleaning in Boise and Nampa

Based on decades of experience, we know that cleaning is essential to protect your investment. We are committed to providing the best carpet and upholstery cleaning available. Our well trained and experienced cleaners provide professional cleaning methods to ensure the life of your floors and furnishings will be extended using only top of the line products. "We are giving a whole new meaning to the deeper cleaning and faster drying."

Deep Cleaning

At ABC Clean Way we always start out with a complete analysis of your carpet knowing that every situation is going to be unique. After noting where the high traffic or heavily soiled areas are, our specialist will begin using our truck mounted maximum powered hot water extraction method to remove bacterial, dirt and debris. Our high powered equipment will extract the majority of the moisture from your carpet; however it might be damp to the touch. Go ahead and walk on it! Just make sure not to walk on it with shoes until it is no longer damp. Fans and air conditioning are a great way to help remove the rest of the moisture.  Please call us today for all of your carpet cleaning needs in the Boise and Nampa areas.

Regular vacuuming, at least twice a week for high traffic areas, is the best way to prevent staining.

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